In recent years, history education has encouraged students to operate more like historians by having them examine primary sources, but often the documents provided for students consist of either too little or too much information. The goal of is to offer substantive and thought-provoking excerpts, while also being sensitive to the fact that most students do not actually wish to become historians.

This website contains Background Information, Revealing Documents, Document Questions, and Answer Guides to be used as supplementary materials for teaching history at the high school and college level. The purpose of these materials is to enhance historical understanding by having students respond to document-specific questions involving particularly revealing primary sources.

The Background Information, Revealing Documents, and Document Questions are all available on this website free of charge. They can be accessed via the FREE MATERIALS page and may be viewed, downloaded, saved, and printed for students. The Answer Guides, which provide correct responses to the Document Questions, may be purchased collectively as an ebook for $15. The ebook may be purchased by going to the ANSWER GUIDES page and proceeding from there.

My name is Tom Stadler. I am a retired history teacher who taught for 32 years, mainly in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and am the founding member of my business,, LLC, which began in 2016. I have a B.A. in social studies education from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in history from Trinity International University. I research, write, and assemble these materials myself.

To those of us still in the trenches, and that includes public, private, charter, and home school teachers as well as those at the college level, my hope is that these materials make your instruction both better and easier. All the best!